Monday, November 6, 2017

Project fame falls asleep

When reality TV shows hit Nigeria, we were like them that dream. What? You mean we could watch people living their lives on TV, competing with one another and trying to make us like them, and we would enjoy it this much? Who would’ve thought? And so, reality TV became the industry to invest in. The Nigerian Breweries began Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) in 2004 that had many young athletic hopefuls turning out to convert bodily energy to purchasing power. GUS was lit, people. From Ezeugo to Dominic to Kunle to Chris, each season was a hit back to back, until it suddenly went to sleep in 2014 and refused to wake up. Actually, we noticed it got dizzy in its 11th season, but we kinda hoped it would take coffee. Sadly, it didn’t and our Nigerian brand of Survivor is yet to be seen again, three years later. MNET’s Glo Naija Sings had one eventful first season in 2009 with eighteen-year-old Jon Ogah going away with the prize of 100,000 dollars and an SUV.

 We loved it so much we couldn’t wait for its second season, but it never came. Oh wait, it did, a year later. Then the next. But some of us had slept off while waiting, so we didn’t notice. After three seasons, Glo dumped the project and moved on to weightier matters. Glo X Factor turned out to be one of those weightier matters. With coaches MI and Onyeka Onwenu, we discovered and fell in love with Victoria Gomoti, DNA twins, Ankara Boy and the eventual winner of 24 million Naira, DJ Switch. Then poof it went, as Glo dusted its shoes and walked away from it. We sit by our windows like women whose husbands have gone to war, waiting for the day our dear show returns, but it doesn’t look like that would be soon.

Perhaps, this one died at war. Amstel Malta Box Office was another show sponsored by the Nigerian Breweries which launched in 2005. It was fresh and fun and an avenue for stars to be born. Many young people couldn’t wait to take advantage. It ran for five seasons, gave us movie stars like OC Ukeje, BayRay McWizu, Ivie Okujaiye and Wole Ojo and was terminated in 2010. Another funding casualty, perhaps. Thankfully, Big Brother Nigeria was defibrillated and is now resurrected to Nigeria after eleven years of death and rot. It returned with a bang to make up for lost time. Efe emerged the winner of its last installment, but you know that already. Now, MTN Project Fame West Africa, which has been our constant and most trusted companion since 2008 has suddenly gone quiet. Fans of the show are wondering why there’s a silence, especially since there was a promise at the end of last season of an exciting tenth anniversary that would unite everyone that had ever participated on the show.

It is hard to imagine that MTN, the sole sponsors of this show that has daily entertained viewers all over the world for two months of every year in the last nine years, would pull out. If it has so happened that MTN has withdrawn its sponsorship of the show, what is the hope of ever having the show, or any other television show for that matter? Sadly, I do not have my tarty billion yet or I would have stepped in. It is said that Nigerians are some of the most resilient people in the world. We can take just about anything and still keep sane; and we have been hit by a lot. If the recession could be seen by the naked eye, it would look like a mountain with sharp edges, yet the Nigerian has been able to withstand even that, creating memes, finding laughter, and fighting through the hustle. But at this point, I’ll have to speak for the Nigerian when I say “We wee nuh take eet,” if our favorite reality shows are completely gone. How will there not be doses of Mummy Joke’s “welldan” and Uncle Ben’s tough love and Miss Ige’s high-pitched hair-raising jaw-dropping soprano, and dance moves that find homes in our memories for days? How can we not have these for a whole year? How are we even sure it would return in the coming year if this break is taken? What will we do with our owanbe-less Saturdays and rice-eating Sundays? Is this even fair?
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Friday, November 3, 2017

A final year student of AuchipoAuchi poly shot dead by a stray bullet

A day after her final exam as an undergraduate, lady killed by vigilante’s stray bullet . . A fresh graduate of the Auchi Polythenic, Auchi, Edo State, has been killed by a stray bullet from a vigilante. Uloko Lawrenta Apaume was shot dead by vigilante, on Friday, November, 3, 2017, a day after her signing out. . . The landlord of the Banking and Finance graduate, had invited vigilantes to the hostel to secure the place for the celebration of HND graduates. However, out of celebration, the vigilantes shot into the air and Apaume was hit by a stray bullet and died instantly.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hi Impact praise blast Vs Experience Lagos (2017)

Experience Lagos brings voices from all over the world into Nigeria every year and it has served as blessings and points of contact to not only Christians but to Nigeria as a whole. People troop in from all parts of Nigeria not sidelining those in diaspora to experience the magnificence of God through gospel and endless praises. It has featured lots of musical icon like Don Moen, Travis green and so on. All this while it has enjoyed monopoly through out the country, but this is about to change.
 Last year Hi-impact Planet a world-class amusement park with thrilling scenery brought to Nigeria a bomber. It staged a gospel event that featured Nathaniel bassey, Frank Edward, Mid night crew, Soweto band, day star to mention but a few and it was a blast.

 That was their first. Now it is happening again on the 26th of December, 2017. Last year was mouth watery this year will be off the roofs. This time they are bringing new and exciting gospel acts like TIm Godfrey, Tope Alabi, Vashawn Michelle and many more. It will be going down at Ogun state Lagos Ibadan express way, Ibafo. You can't afford to miss this life changing Experience. It is free for all.This is where is it happening

Guess what! You can now check for pregnancy test with your phone

To conduct pregnancy test with your phone, for blackberry users just dial **18p# send and place it on the woman’s belly and wait for a few seconds, you will definitely see the screen of your phone with the following displaying boldly; B+0.1 Which means one week pregnant B+0.2 Which means two weeks pregnant B+ CL3 Which means three weeks pregnant B+1 Which means one month pregnant B+2 Which means 2 months pregnant And so on.

So you can go ahead and get pregnant without any fear of paying for pregnancy test. have fun testing.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

WWM- Hushpuppi Vs Baby mama. showing live. you can't miss it

Instagram big boy, Hushpuppi has got lots of fight coming for him as his baby mama has joined the list of those drawing the battle line against him.

 She revealed she’s a married woman, but then she was a single mother, with a deadbeat babydaddy, Hushpuppi. Recall Mompha while responding to Hushpuppi on Social media, revealed that Hush has a 4-year-old son, whom he’s never seen, and taken care of. This seems to be true, as now, His babymama has also revealed Hushpuppi called her yesterday, and called her a nobody. Hushpuppi’s babymama, Miss Sho, who claimed he called her a ‘nobody’ wrote; Here’s what she wrote on Instagram while sharing the below photo;
This was sent to me and as you can see @hushpuppi has said iv given him a son in 2013 and has mentioned our son’s name on his snapchat.
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Monday, October 30, 2017

Wait! To fart na sin again! Tiwa no mind them jooh

It is no longer news that farting is many at times frowned at, but wait! Who doesn't fart self? The most annoying part is that farting is the only natural business that attracts insult. God help you that that poor lady or guy ate beans and egg with fried plantain the previous night and mistakenly farted on a bus in traffic with little ventilation to salvage the day! I rest my case.
 For Tiwa Salvage my dear friends, it is normal. Believe me no one would ever imagine that fine babes too mess. In a recent interview Tiwa revealed that for her farting is normal,  "I'm very comfortable with farting...You have to offload your burden" - Tiwa Savage says in new interview

No one can really tell if all those her diva dances where she rolls her bum from one end to another comes with one or two offloads. We will just be thinking it is the bouncers that did it oh! There is God. In the end, it is normal. Fart on pretty! Nothing do you

Kim-joo-hyuk Dies in a fatal car accident

South Korean broadcaster JTBC reports that Kim was driving a Mercedes-Benz SUV that apparently clipped the car ahead of him, overturned and crashed into an apartment building before catching fire. First responders were unable to revive him, and he was taken to Konkuk University Hospital, where he died at about 6:30 PM local time, JTBC said. Police were investigating the accident.

kim won the Seoul Awards nod Friday for his role in the SK action feature Confidential Assignment. He is known for such local films as Yourself and Yours (2016), The Servant (2010) and My Wife Got Married (2008), along with such TV series as Argon, Hur Jun: The Original Story, Lovers in Prague and variety show 2 Days & 1 Night, on which he was an original cast member. He also hosted a 2011 episode of Saturday Night Live Korea.
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Project fame falls asleep

When reality TV shows hit Nigeria, we were like them that dream. What? You mean we could watch people living their lives on TV, competi...