The strength of vision

"Because you see six doesn't mean I don't see nine. I am not blind neither are you." "It seems everyone stands at one vantage point or the other. Where you stand defines what you see and perceive. If you choose to stay in poverty you'd see hell, but if you choose to walk out of penury to affluence you would see heaven. The question is, how can hell and heaven exist on the same plain? Simple, We are just standing on the hedge of two divides, one six and the other nine.
Because your girlfriend/boyfriend said she/he forgot to call you doesn't often time means she/he is too busy, it might be that you are just too insignificant to be remembered. Run before The Law of diminishing returns dries out.
There lived a lady in the heart of Lagos that I fell in love with at a first glance. I was not stingy with money so I made sure to lavish my money on her. Oh! did I tell you that she gave me a tough time while wooing her. I will never forget the furnace and humiliation I passed through before she accepted me. Well not until I showed her my true colour sha oh! I am a fan of Indian and Korean series. I practically dig them. The way they paint the word 'love' as though it were all beautiful and blissful. The first time I saw her was at a restaurant opposite my workplace. Not me! I don't patronize there, I was too big for that. What actually stole my gaze to itself was the scene she was creating. Her voice, character and carriage as she threw the curses at the waitress was not much of a concern to me now, her beauty was. God! She is beautiful. I stood there transfixed and bemused at her contrastive figure. There was an overwhelming juxtaposition in character and appearance. …